Loans without paycheck in Rome: how to get a loan in Rome without guarantees

It may seem like a very complex operation, to obtain loans without payroll in Rome . Considering the historical situation that Italy is experiencing, with the crisis and the due restrictions in terms of insurance and economic guarantees, for Italians to apply for a loan raises many concerns.

Indeed, it is true that the continuing repercussions on the economic data have made the country’s performance rather slow and tending to preservation: this is where the loan sector in general has experienced a surge, due to the need of Italians to purchase goods of their own necessity , despite the work crisis.

But it must be said that, at the same time, there is a considerable descent, in a certain sense obligatory, on what are called ” guarantees” in this sector: a certain situation is created, where on one side there are the institutions of the more and more tax credit , on the other classes of workers who do not have the assurances that the same institutions require.

It was obligatory, for some of these financings, to create alternative economic systems able to provide loans, bending to these new needs that the same economic instability entailed, concentrating above all on those who do not receive a fixed salary at the end month.

The labor crisis has meant that these systems that provide funding, or at least part of it, work even without guarantees , the same time needed to obtain a loan .

But it is not only due to a particular economic situation: even for pensioners , self-employed or occasional workers who do not receive an employee salary, the same remains the case.

In fact, it is not possible not to face the continuous changes also of the employment contracts , on a project basis , on call and then, finally, for a fixed term , to which adults and above all many young people are destined to be subjected.

The result is a real category of loan , the one without a pay slip , which can finally satisfy the needs of those who cannot present the same guarantees of a permanent contract at the bedside, for example.

As we read the article, we will try to highlight the systems for obtaining a loan without a paycheck in Rome , and which are the main financial companies that provide loans to this category of debtor .

Requirements for a loan without paycheck in Rome: who can request it and how to get it

Requirements for a loan without paycheck in Rome: who can request it and how to get it

As many credit institutions confirm and finance , it is not impossible to get a loan without a paycheck. In Rome there are several banks, physical or online, ready to serve the customer a solution to their case. In these circumstances the necessary operation is that of the declaration of income as a starting point.

First, they can apply for loans without payroll :

– unemployed ;

– housewives ;

– self-employed, entrepreneurs, freelancers ;

– workers with atypical contracts ;

– students ;

all residing in Italy , whether they are Italian or foreign citizenship, provided they have been resident in the country for at least one year. Then, obligatorily, each of the aforementioned must have a registry age of between 18 and 75 years .

If there is no paycheck as an economic guarantee, it is necessary to tell the lender what the economic situation is, demonstrating his perceived profit so that a loan can be disbursed. To present this documentation, the unified compensatory model or the Single Model is required.

Basically, any bank present in Rome refers to the client’s recent situation, evaluating the latest income in his independent work company, to confirm the regular economic perception of the worker. Only then can a loan applicant without a pay slip be deemed adequate.

Otherwise, as in the case of students or the unemployed where there is no profit to prove, you can proceed with the loan application without a pay slip presenting an alternative guarantee .

This is because the loan provider must necessarily make sure that the applicant is able to repay the entire sum , in the form of installment payments and weighted according to the average salary or the worker’s possibilities. Each financial body then has its own evaluation criteria that can differentiate from others.

In fact, as a rule there is also a second way for the applicant for a loan without a pay slip, ie to present a physical guarantor to the bank. A “third person” with a stable economic position (who has a permanent contract, a high paycheck or a property or a material good of value), can in fact guarantee the financial repayment of the loan amount, instead of the a person without a pay slip, such as a student or an unemployed person , who can present their own relative or acquaintance . This process is known as a surety .

Proceeding in this way requires the same bureaucratic procedure: the new guarantor, whoever he is, must provide the provider with all the documentation attesting to his financial situation, the income received through the Unique Model, age, etc., respecting the criteria required by the credit institution operating in the city of Rome.

Finally, there is a third possibility to insure the credit institution to request a loan without a pay slip, ie to commit a material asset , something of high value equal to or greater than the amount of the loan requested (a house, a car, etc).

Clearly, another rather important requirement is not to be bad payers . If, for past purchases left unfinished, you ended up on the black list , it will be difficult for a credit institution to entrust a loan without a paycheck.

Then there is another question about obtaining a loan without a pay slip. How much can you request? In this regard, we must know that the loans without the envelope are not of the highest value .

It is a proportional discourse: because they require fewer guarantees to be granted, these loans are designed by banks and financial institutions as small or medium-sized loans , with an economic value in relation to the economic evaluation of family income .

Having outlined in general how to get the loan, we now see in detail which are the main loans that provide loans without payroll in Rome and how they work .

Personal loans without pay check in Rome: comparative estimates

Personal loan

As a solution to applicants without payroll , the financial companies therefore offer personal loans . This loan can be requested at the bank or, more commonly nowadays, online. To apply for a personal loan in Rome without a pay slip, you must be resident in Italy .

As already explained in the previous part, it is necessary to prove one’s income or put forward a guarantor, also “third party”, who ensures the return of the complete amount, which is in any case weighted on the basis of the funds studied by the financial institutions.

To apply for a personal loan and without a pay slip there are two ways: to go to the bank and branch offices scattered around Rome , or to knock on the online loan bell. Here we illustrate some specific examples of personal loans.

Among the best credit companies we find Unicredit that with its Credit Dynamic can guarantee a personal loan to customers without payroll. In fact, the Unicredit loan is a personal loan that provides a minimum of € 2,000 to a maximum of € 30,000 repayable in monthly installments up to 84 months .

Another financial institution is Bank, which operates its online loans without payroll, also up to a maximum of € 30,000 repayable in convenient installments; the quality of the Bank service, appreciated by customers, is the speed of the service: a loan of this amount can be obtained in 48 hours . Bank also has several branches in the city of Rome.

Then there is Prestimas , which also operates in Rome among the various Italian cities. This company is also well regarded with regards to loans without payroll. In this particular loan disbursement, income is not asked in the branch: however the loan can reach a maximum payable threshold of € 10,000 and repayable in 120 monthly payments .

The Compass personal loan also offers economic support to self-employed workers, offering a maximum loan of € 30,000 and can be molded on their own possibilities, both in terms of insurance documentation and restitution.

There is also the possibility of requesting a loan without a pay slip in Rome by contacting Poste Italiane . Here too, in fact, it is possible to obtain financing without a demonstrable salary.

Thanks to the Bank it is possible to obtain up to € 30,000 for those who do not have a continuous, observable income; and up to € 70,000 for those who can make additional guarantees, other than paychecks, but still guarantee the repayment of the loan to the post office.

In the world of the web there are many comparators with whom to choose the right financing for your possibilities. Today there is a lot of choice regarding online loans. What we have mentioned here are some credit companies that offer their own loans that customers seem to be satisfied with even in terms of interest. When we talk about loans without pay , we must pay attention not so much to the bureaucratic practice and the amount of the loan, but above all to the question of interest . In fact, the scourge of any financing is precisely the money return phase.

When a loan is requested, monthly installments are calculated based on the duration and, based on it, also on the famous Tan and Taeg interest rates , respectively nominal annual rate and global effective rate .

What is important to consider when applying for a loan without a pay slip is precisely the rate. It must be said that when a loan is requested without a pay slip the Tan and Taeg are necessarily higher because the fee is not provided , that is the guarantee given back by the presence of a pay slip.

Here, compared to other loans based on payroll, these rates are easily around an average of 7% . The Bank loan without pay slip , to take one last example, provides up to € 10,000 of loan, based on an interest rate Tan of 5.40% and a Taeg rate of 6.25%.

Ultimately you can easily apply for a loan without a paycheck in Rome, which is possible. It must however be kept in mind the fact of going against several factors: a rise in rates (and therefore higher refunds), return times in proportion to the amount (and therefore clearly shorter), and above all good insurance documentation that starts the whole process. On the subject of documentation, we remind you that loans without pay checks, even if they do not require a demonstrable salary, can be requested having with them an alternative documentation of which, among the necessary documents :

  • identity card and tax code;
  • the declaration of income (as anticipated) of the Single Model;
  • the copy of bill payments or rents attesting to the Italian mandatory residence for at least one year.

Many credit companies are used to include an insurance policy in the provision of the loan, in order to guarantee greater security and to avoid impending problems. Without the demonstrable fixed salary, we say that the policy can be a clause ; others, however, let the policy be an optional thing for the customer.